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Dela Mara Duvet Cover

90% Heavy Linen 10% Flax
Stone-washed linen fabric for maximal softness.  Heavy weight linen soft fabric, highly absorbent, breathable. Linen naturally gets softer with every wash, and stone-washed linen should already be at its maximum softness. 



Both linen and cotton are good for keeping you warm, but unlike cotton, linen will also do a great job of keeping you cool when it’s hot. Linen is made of long, hollow fibers that allow air to circulate freely and move around moisture very well not allowing moisture to build up. 


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Size Guide

Linen Care 

How to Wash Linen

Dela Mara Smoke Blue Linen Duvet Cover Coco Buttons Closure

PriceFrom ₱1,980.00
    SINGLE  53" X 73"
    TWIN US 66" X 96"
    TWIN EU  66" X 86"
    DOUBLE  71" X 88"
    FULL US 78" X 90"
    FULL EU  80" X 86"
    QUEEN  79" X 88"
    QUEEN US 86" X 90"
    QUEEN EU  90" X 90"
    KING  87" X 88"
    KING US 102" X 90"
    KING EU  104" X 90" 
    SUPER KING EU  112" X 100"
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