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Linen flat sheet

Available in a selection of sizes & price

Made from high quality, natural softened linen

90% Linen 10% Cotton

Doesnt Fade

Premium Quality Linen Flat Sheet



Linen will also do a great job of keeping you cool when it’s hot. Linen is made of long, hollow fibers that allow air to circulate freely and move around moisture very well not allowing moisture to build up. 


Please Do check Additional Information about Linens 


Diana Cotton Linen Offwhite Flat Sheet

PriceFrom ₱1,119.60

Extra 5% Off orders over ₱8999

    TWIN  TWIN 66” X 96”
    SINGLE SINGLE 64" X 79" 
    DOUBLE DOUBLE 72" X 90"
    FULL FULL 81” X 96”
    QUEEN QUEEN 81" X 101"
    QUEEN EU QUEEN EU 90” X 106”
    KING KING 90" X 108" 
    KING EU KING EU 108” X 106”
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